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EzPlanet One Linux Distribution [Discontinued]

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EzPlanet One

EzPlanet One is now discontinued. Please see CentOs  for an Enterprise Linux Distribution

EzPlanet One was a Linux distribution tuned for the Enterprise and the Professional. A Linux distribution tuned for Enterprise solutions; EzPlanet One integrates advanced technologies, flexibility, high availability, security, quality. Built with the Enterprise in mind, it features also several tools for the Professionals and Individual users, that make its use more fun. Most of the latest advances in technologies available for Linux have been included in the EzPlanet One distribution. For example it supports most wireless network adapters, including those that do not have specific Linux drivers. EzPlanet One is ready to be used for your server infrastructure and your desktop clients. Quality is the secret of a robust and unbreakable foundation for the Technical Architect, with the tools and the ease of use to suit system administrators, bank managers, personal assistants, chief financial officers and beginners.

EzPlanet One keeps improving!

Check out in the News section for the latest information on new package builds and releases. We are working to deliver a continous and smooth improvement of your installed environment without you having to go through a system rebuild like required by most other Linux distributions. This is part of EzPlanet's committment to create a stable and reliable Linux distribution. Your time is valuable, do not waste it rebuilding your workstation to get new features, just install EzPlanet One..ce!.

EzPlanet One release 2.0 SB2 available now! Building on the already stable release 1.0, the new 2.0 release includes enhanced security support through SE Linux, the new xorg X11 release 6.8.1 and KDE 3.3.2. Wireless network support is furtherly improved with a monitoring tool. EzPlanet One does not limit export and includes fully working multimedia packages (xmms, MPlayer). EzPlanet One 2.0 CD-ROM images can be downloaded here. Bandwidth availability is limited. The distribution can be purchased on DVD and CD media here.

The best foundation for your J2EE application server is EzPlanet OneRobustness, Security, Scalability are what you need to run an unbreakable J2EE Application Server, supporting both Open Source and commercial solutions.

Join the EzPlanet One project now! EzPlanet is a growing organization. Join us, we need also your help. Contact us at:

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