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EzPlanet Repo Added

New EzPlanet Repo added to our pages:

The new repo for CentOS and RHEL 7 includes samba 4.8 packages with Domain Controller capabilities.

Fedora 9 Preview: slow, ugly, lots of problems

The Fedora Project released yet another example of how little they listen to their user's base.

Fedora 9 preview is an utterly slow linux distribution. A few hours after installing it, I am already removing it from my system. … continue reading

Project Woodstock, Eclipse Vs NetBeans

Eclipse Vs NetBeans? If you look at Sun's open source Project Woodstock, you will think again about all the trouble you had integrating this and that plugin into your Eclipse installation. … continue reading

Knowledge Base Section

The Knowledge Base section has been re-edited for improved clarity and to classify the articles in subject sections.

EzPlanet Store Opened

New hardware and software Store opened.

Great deals at

EzPlanet One - 23 February updates

New updates released fixing some dependency issues on the previous updates:
  • devehlp 0.9.2-3
  • gnome-menus

Dreambox News now in Dreambox Wiki

  • The Dreambox Wiki has been separated and reorganized for improved clarity.
  • The Dreambox related News now only appear in the Dreambox dedicated Wiki

EzPlanet One 2.0 January Updates

Several EzPlanet One 2.0 updates released:
  • Mozilla 1.7.12
  • Firefox 1.5
  • Postgresql 8.1.3
  • glib2 2.9.5
  • gtk2 2.8.11
  • gtk2-engines 2.7.3
  • pango 1.11
  • atk 1.11.2
Added packages:
  • cairo 1.0.2
  • gtkmm24 2.8.1
  • glibmm24 2.8.3
Note: updating postgresql requires to dump and re-create the database as follows:


The EzPlanet One wiki is launched!

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This wiki has two RSS feed which allow to keep up to date with modifications: