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Fedora 8 Firewire and Clamav rpm update

We have posted an howto fix the broken Fedora 8 FireWire stack.

Fix Fedora 8 FireWire HowTo also supplies security rpm updates for Fedora 8: clamav antivirus

Fedora 8 Firewire Fix

Fedora broken FireWire fix released for Fedora 8 FC8

Fedora 8 Firewire fix

Project Woodstock, Eclipse Vs NetBeans

Eclipse Vs NetBeans? If you look at Sun's open source Project Woodstock, you will think again about all the trouble you had integrating this and that plugin into your Eclipse installation. … continue reading

Fix Fedora 7 FireWire

We have posted an howto fix the broken Fedora 7 FireWire stack

Fix Fedora 7 FireWire HowTo

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