HowTo fix a Fedora 7 and 8 installation with broken FireWire

Fedora supplies bleeding edge Linux in the real sense and this time someone over there managed to replace a fairly good working FireWire stack with a broken one that is not even included in the main stream Kernel. Why? Who knows! Fedora developers are too arrogant to admit that they have made a mistake, and to listen to their user base.

Anyway, here we have rebuilt a new kernel and libraries including the former working FireWire stack.

Copy the content below and save it in /etc/yum.repos.d/ezplanet-updates.repo

name=Fedora EzPlanet Updates $releasever - $basearch

Run a yum update and you will get:

  • Latest Fedora Kernel with the working FireWire
  • libavc1394
  • libraw1394
As a bonus you will get also the latest clamav not included in Fedora, so that your logger will stop moaning about it being out-of-date.

The updates are for both i386 and x86_64 kernel and binaries, at the moment there is not a fix for xen kernel.