New DaVinci 5.4

Dreambox SDT DaVinci 5.4 FINAL

  • Kernel and modules 2.6.9 (1_09.1d)
  • Enigma 27/01/06 - CVS modified by SDTeam
  • WebIf 5.9.2-expert
  • TuxTxt 1.96 (teletext)
  • Movieplayer 0.8.1
  • SDTboss 2.6.3
  • emuboss 2.9.2 (emumanager)
  • Skins: 4 included, in 7 versions
Mimi_74 animated compact 4:3/16:9 (default) Mimi_74 animated 4:3/16:9 Eagle Megalight Visivabox Extreme 4:3/16:9

WHAT IS NEW: ============

  • EPG Wizard
full restyled, revised and enhanced, and became a standalone daemon. Supports now MV EPG too, with new options: setting links to epgui.dat for MV use, and automatically create index files for MV without waiting at plugin start (useful when download EPG daily) Path more easy configurable, also for MV, with new USB/CF/HDD buttons. It's no longer integrated into SDTboss, to avoid too giant executable size. The activation/use remain still the same as before.
  • EPG style - red button selector
Double click red button for selecting your favourite EPG-browser, and NO MORE need to rename plugins as extepg.* Automatically recognizes EPG gui and MV EPG plugins, and list them (if installed), so you can choose your epg default browser.
  • New InfoBar logic:
If "use simple skin" is active, then a second pushing of OK button will show the full skin. When InfoBar is hidden, then the first OK will show lite skin, the second OK the full one, then a third OK will hide InfoBar again.
  • Place addons
Now /var can be moved to USB / CF / HDD It is reversible, and can be moved to another device or reset to FLASH at any time.
  • Animated Enigma Menu
You can enable/disable it on "OSD setup window" (available only on animated skins)
  • Swap file
New window, easy way to choose device to install and activate swap (with available free space reported in infos).
  • FlashWizard Remote
Updated to full complain FW 6.3 bootmenu
  • Hard Reset
Added menu item in Shutdown window to perform an hard reset of the Dreambox (without saving config file), just like 3-buttons reset.
  • EPG cache saved in custom files
DaVinci 5.4 can save Enigma epg cache into custom files: /hdd/davinci.epg.dat /hdd/davinci.epg.dat.md5 So Epg Cache is full reloaded after dreambox reboot-shutdown.
  • All image texts now included in po file
This means that you can translate ALL texts added/modified by SDT in our Enigma, SDT Boss panel, EPG wizard to your locale. Ask on home forum to obtain the current full po file for translations, if you are interested. For italian users: Italian full translation included (over 6000 lines!), all missing Enigma menus translated too. Totally revised also the standard Enigma "fuzzy" translations, this is actually the best italian localization ever seen on any dreambox image.

AND.... bugfixes and other improvements!