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EzPlanet One is a European based project that, unlike other open Linux projects based in the United States or outside the European Union, enjoys the freedom granted by the European Union on software patents. In the European Union, US and EPO software patents cannot be enforced.


These pages are here to cooperate, please participate! Feel free to register, add your work, contributions, ideas, anything to help building the most stable, secure and interoperable operating system environment for servers and desktop users.


EzPlanet Repo Added

New EzPlanet Repo added to our pages: http://www.ezplanet.net/xwiki/bin/view/EzPlanetRepo/

The new repo for CentOS and RHEL 7 includes samba 4.8 packages with Domain Controller capabilities.

Fedora 8 Firewire and Clamav rpm update

We have posted an howto fix the broken Fedora 8 FireWire stack.

Fix Fedora 8 FireWire HowTo

EzPlanetOne.com also supplies security rpm updates for Fedora 8: clamav antivirus

Fedora 9 Preview: slow, ugly, lots of problems

The Fedora Project released yet another example of how little they listen to their user's base.

Fedora 9 preview is an utterly slow linux distribution. A few hours after installing it, I am already removing it from my system. … continue reading

Fedora 8 Firewire Fix

Fedora broken FireWire fix released for Fedora 8 FC8

Fedora 8 Firewire fix

Router Update Jan 2008

You may wonder why we never added any new router updates. Simple, because it works fine as it is! … continue reading

Project Woodstock, Eclipse Vs NetBeans

Eclipse Vs NetBeans? If you look at Sun's open source Project Woodstock, you will think again about all the trouble you had integrating this and that plugin into your Eclipse installation. … continue reading

EzPlanet Router v24.1 build 132

EzPlanet v24.1 (build 132 23/07/07) ipvs, has been released. Relative wiki pages have been updated with sample scripts to bring the load balancer up and running. This release includes limited support for Web Based IPVS status. More will be coming soon, including full Web Browser based IPVS configuration. Follow this link for the EzPlanet Router Load Balancer home

Dreambox 8000 to be released in September '07

We have just received confirmation from Dream Multimedia that the long awaited Dreambox 8000 will be available in September 2007. … continue reading

Dreambox 8000

Talks around the long awaited Dreambox 8000 are getting hotter, with more images and finally what look like the final specifications.

8000img1.jpgcontinue reading

Fix Fedora 7 FireWire

We have posted an howto fix the broken Fedora 7 FireWire stack

Fix Fedora 7 FireWire HowTo