Fedora 9 Preview: slow, ugly, lots of problems

The Fedora Project released yet another example of how little they listen to their user's base.

Fedora 9 preview is an utterly slow linux distribution. A few hours after installing it, I am already removing it from my system.

These are the issues faced after the first frustrating hour of use:

KDE Interface

  1. Slow, slow, slow, on a dual xeon 2.8. For example I click on the "f" menu, the menu appears fairly quickly, then I move my mouse over the menu items, when I stop on one item I can count to two before the next level menu appears
  2. Bottom panel bar: I used to be able to move the widgets where I wanted them. With a first install, I could not move them at all. After a yum update, the move option appeared, but I cannot position them where I want on the bar.
  3. Panel bar size: I resize it normally to tiny, however in FC9 the icons do not resize.
  4. Clock: can't change font size, if I want to display date, it disappears off the screen (clearly was not tested with tiny bar).
  5. Application launchers cannot be added to panel bar: I used to do it with add widget ...
  6. System monitor: after reboot, Process Table and Sensor Load tabs doubled. Want to remove them, but I cannot, no way to do it anymore.
  7. Want to change look and feel to FC8, no way
  8. Want to change black panel bar to a more appealing colour, no way
  9. Switch between desktops used to be immediate, now it takes one-two seconds
  10. Inconsistent windows look and feel: firefox has different scroll and tab bars then other applications. There may be more examples, but so far this is what I have used.
  11. When logging in I have to set KDE every time, because it does not stick as it used to.

Operating System

  1. network interfaces configured through GUI (correctly as usual), but fail to start at boot, have to activate manually with "ifup eth0"
  2. resolv.conf always empty at boot, have to copy over every time my own resolv.conf
After posting these problems on fedoraforum.org, my post was removed by the administrators. No comment.

Moreover, why do we have to upgrade the whole distro if we want only a new version of OpenOffice, Firefox, or clamav?