Netgear DGND3700 ezPlanet v1 Custom Firmware

with Linux IP Virtual Server

This firmware release includes the following updated software:
  • opvenvpn 2.3.10
  • improved openvpn configuration page
  • openssl 1.0.2g (security update)
  • fixes to config tool that in richud's firmware overwrite configuration parameters at every reboot
  • improved dnsmasq configuration page and fixes to the default configuration
  • And in addition kernel modules and ipvsadm tool to turn this router into a hardware Load Balancer
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Disclaimer: I built the above firmware for my personal use only as I needed a working dnsmasq and openvpn but these did not work with richud's firmware. I am sharing the firmware I built, but I do not have a 3800, or an Annex B line, nor the time to build other versions.